Honda: 2012 Youth CRF Motorcycles

2012 CRF100F, CRF80F, CRF70F, CRF50F

If there’s one thing Honda has helped foster over the years it’s a positive and fun attitude toward riding, helping to inspire countless dreams and give budding enthusiasts a range of bikes to enter the support and evolve as a rider.

I’m speaking from experience. My love affair with motorcycles was jump started with the release of the MiniTrail 70. Thousands of kids got their first two-wheel experiences thanks to Honda’s stranglehold on the mini market in the 70s with their MiniTrail 50 and 70.

Honda perpetuates this magic and an essential entre to the joys of motorcycling by continuing to expand on their full range of small displacement off-road motorcycles.

In fact, Honda has embraced a kind of family affair atmosphere by offering a line of recreational motorcycles designed to accommodate any age, size, or experience level. This model range includes the CRF100F, CRF80F, CRF70F and CRF50F.

For 2012, Honda’s line of small bikes-designed around a stair-case of cc’s-is certain to provide virtually every rider with an option suited specifically to their level of ability and physical stature. The off-road recreational line-up is intended to help nurture riding skills by making the learning process fun.

The CRF line-up starts, at the smaller displacement end, with the CRF50F and the CRF 70F. Both machines have automatic clutches and feature low seat height and lightweight. This combination is intended for the beginner, presenting an unintimidating entry motorcycle to learn the basics of riding, yet providing enough performance to keep them happy as they mature and improve in their riding ability.

The next level is represented by the CRF80F and CRF100F. These machines utilize manual clutches and are perfect tools for riders to transition to larger machines, learning the finesse of clutch starts and shifting. The jump in performance levels are designed to accommodate increasing demand as rider ability improves.

Bill Savion (Honda Powersports Press Manager) says: “Over the years, riding enthusiasts have come to know, appreciate and trust the wide diversity of machines that Honda offers. This extensive release of 2012 models serves as a perfect example of how we strive to meet the many needs of today’s riding enthusiasts. This latest new-model release will fulfill the needs of many riders, but I’m excited to add that in addition to these models, we have even more new releases to follow later this year.”

For more detailed information and images of Honda’s model line, go to or see your local Honda powersports dealer.

The full line of Honda’s small displacement off-road motorcycles are imbued with the Japanese brand’s legendary dependability and top quality design and manufacturing.