Marquez: Progress at Estoril Moto2 Test

Repsol Moto2 News

The week following the Portuguese Grand Prix in Estoril, Repsol Moto2 rider Marc Marquez underwent two additional days of testing, finely tuning the setup on his machine.

Marquez completed 80 laps on Sunday, and 70 on Monday, a total of more than 600 kilometers. His best time was 1:41.1, which was an improved time for the Spaniard.

Repsol says Marquez tested different set-up solutions for his Moto2, and also tested some new evolutions supplied by the Swiss maker Suter, which allowed him to gather more information for the next races.

Repsol says: “These tests will also allow his team to know better about the requirements of the current 125cc Champion, gathering a valuable experience for the rest of the season.”

Before the test was complete, Marquez had a crash at the final corner of Estoril. Marquez lost traction in his rear tire and fell. He was not injured, and neither was the Moto2 machine.

Marc Marquez (Repsol Moto2) says: “We followed the testing plan we started yesterday, testing new configurations and different technical aspects that will allow us to improve steadily. During both days we gathered very valuable data that will undoubtedly be useful for the next races and I am really satisfied with the performance level I achieved together with my team.

“We can get back home pleased with the job we did. Today I had a small crash in the last corner of the circuit but overall I am happy with the feelings I had on the bike during these two training days.”


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