Buffalo Chip Sign Sustains Storm Damage


Buffalo Chip Sturgis News

Carol’s Buffalo Sculpture has become an iconic symbol for the Chip. It’s been a pretty cool image seeing that buffalo grazing on the horizon as one travels east of Sturgis. There’s no way to know how many folks have photographed it over these past few years. We love it, too.

The Buffalo Chip sign just “enjoyed” a bit of a breeze the last two days of April that, as many of you know, twisted the I-beams that displayed the sculpture.

Thanks to the power of cell phone cameras, friends from all over the country were calling about it before I could even get out for an inspection.

Carol immediately began making plans for different ways to display her artwork. I’m happy to report that the sculpture itself is unharmed and will again be grazing on the horizon long before your next visit.

The crew is immediately addressing storm damages to other sculptures, including the cross and Welcome Home Biker artworks. A couple of small buildings and a camper were simply blown to pieces. We expect to have all of them repaired or replaced within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your concerns. You really are appreciated and we really are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again in August at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. ‘Til then, like always,

Ride Free & Take Risks,
Woody & Crew (Buffalo Chip Owner)