Lieback’s Corner: A Welcome Note


Lieback’s Corner (#1) / 4.29.11

I’ll be honest. I’m sick of some blogs in the motorcycle industry, and hearing a bunch of garbage from people who have no passion for two wheels. Actually, I’m sick of blogs in general; most of them give weak minds a venue to vent.

One word throttles into mind: boring.

So I won’t consider this a blog, but rather a weekly column-type something or other for our readers here at Lieback’s Corner will be just that…so far, anyway. And it all stems from my love for two-wheeled machines.

I’m obsessive with motorcycles, and they are currently my entire life. And just like everything in life, there’s quite a story of how that happened. But not a dull story; rather one that involves striving to make it in music, unhealthy living issues, and ultimately a nervous breakdown.

But motorcycles came back into my life one day in 2007, and I can truly say they saved me. They made me more spiritual, broke some nasty habits, gave me a job after much hard work, and ascended my health towards levels I’ve never thought possible in my 30s.

But bits of that story will evolve in the future…

I have a general idea of where to start this web column, if that’s what we want to call it, but have no clue on where it’ll end up…a kind of mirror-image to real life, and that’s the way I want to leave it.

No sugarcoating. No faking. True-life writings wrapped around my passion for motorcycles. No matter how many twists life throws my way, I can always rely on a quick ride to relieve the tensions of everyday life.

To simplify: motorcycles heal me.

And this healing is why I always make time to ride 12 months a year. For readers who traveled in Northeastern Pennsylvania, riding 12 months a year is quite the battle, especially in the winter. But when you’re an addict, things like snow and below-freezing temps can’t prevent a motorcycle junky from getting his fix.

As for styles of riding, the track is my obsession. I recently finished building an older Yamaha R6 for this year’s track-day trainings as I prep for the 2012 WERA season.

Then there’s the love of sport touring, which allow me to push mentality to new levels by long distances in the saddle. Then the Harleys. Then the dual-sports. Then the vintage bikes…well, you get the point.

With this column, I look forward to reaching new heights in the tangled world of web writings, and sharing the experience with the motorcycle community. So join me every week as I don’t necessarily rant like a typical blogger, but rather share a few true-life stories etched from my love of motorcycles.

As for now, I have to break some leathers in before a trip to New Jersey Motorsports Park early next week to attend the Yamaha Champions Riding School, which I’ll review here on

And I’m sure there will be some maddening stories beyond the actual track experience. The stories that make us truly human…the ones that are far from simply venting.

Stay Twisted; Throttle yr Soul

– Ron Lieback