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  • Motorcycles, Rain & Prisoners

    Motorcycles, Rain & Prisoners

    Lieback’s Corner (4) / 5.20.2011

    For the past seven days it did nothing but rain here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There were peaks of sun on certain days, but dark clouds quickly swallowed this brightness, spitting endless streams to the ground.

  • Motorcycle Safety: A Lifelong Process

    Motorcycle Safety: A Lifelong Process

    Lieback’s Corner (3) / 5.13.2011

    At the unofficial start of riding season here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, two men were killed in separate motorcycle crashes. The early May incidents – one a single bike crash, the other involving a car – happened within a few days of each other.

  • Lieback’s Corner: A Welcome Note

    Lieback’s Corner: A Welcome Note

    Lieback’s Corner (#1) / 4.29.11

    I’ll be honest. I’m sick of some blogs in the motorcycle industry, and hearing a bunch of garbage from people who have no passion for two wheels. Actually, I’m sick of blogs in general; most of them give weak minds a venue to vent.

    One word throttles into mind: boring.