Poros Customs: Musashi Miaymoto

Custom Motorcycle

Using a BMW motorcycle and Ural sidecar as a base, Slawomir Poros Jr.’s Musashi Miaymoto took the top spots in II Best Painting Class & IV Custom Class at the last East European Championship of Custom Bike Building.

Part of the Poros Customs Poland team, 18-year-old designer Poros thrives on using usual motorcycles to start his projects. According to Poros Customs Poland, “The frame was almost completely rebuilt. Head angle has also been changed which meant that the motor is slightly lengthened. The front suspension is made from scratch by PC.”

“This bike from start to finish, had to be 101-percent old school, so the traditional springer would not have been enough,” says young Poros.

Poros took the BMW motor and upped its displacement to 750cc, and added custom exhaust and valve cover, with the help of his father, Slawomir Poros, Sr. The result is an exhaust with a custom valve that opens only at very high speed parts.

The painting was performed by Damian from Poros Customs, and presents elements from lives of samurais, such as meditation and fighting. This theme is repeated on fenders and tank, as is the Japanese flag.

“Miaymoto Musashi was a legendary 16th-century Japanese warrior,” according to a Poros Customs spokesman. “As a samurai has created his own school of fighting with two swords. But his favorite killing tool was the wooden stick. From the legends we can find that he has not lost any of the 60 documented fights.”

Musashi started fighting at age 13, the same age Poros Jr. began building custom motorcycles competitively.

Handmade parts include a suicide shifter, front suspension, brake fluid reservoir, and some engine covers.