LeoVince Scooter ZX-R & 4 Road Exhaust

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Scooter Exhaust

With gas prices on the rise, scooters offer an affordable and fun transportation alternative. Scooter mania is on the rise in the United States, and LeoVince’s Scoot line provides scooter exhaust solutions with the redesigned 4 Road exhaust and all-new H.M. ZX-R 2-stroke exhaust.

LeoVince Handmade ZX-R (H.M. ZX-R)

The latest release from LeoVince’s Scoot brand, the Hand Made ZX-R has earned its new ‘R’ designation with improved performance, a redesign of the carbon fiber silencer, and a high-temperature clear coat for protection.

These elements all combine to create a modern super sport exhaust for a variety of 2-stroke scooters. Each exhaust is individually developed to maximize the performance and acceleration of the engine for which it has been developed.

  • Great performance and acceleration increase for 50cc 2-stroke scooters
  • Individually engineered for broad power (linear power)
  • Handmade expansion chambers for maximum return in performance
  • Carbon fiber exhaust canister
  • Performance clutch weights and springs included when needed
  • CAD/CAM designed for precise fit

LeoVince 4 Road

The LeoVince Scoot 4 Road has been specifically developed for the 4-stroke engines found in today’s maxi-scooters. The 4 Road is constructed of stainless steel for durability, and there is a carbon fiber heat shield inlay for improved looks and added rider protection. The silencer itself is internally coated with a proprietary material to prevent “cold” spots and internal rusting of the silencer.

The LeoVince Scoot 4 Road header pipes and silencer are designed to ensure enhanced performance while not dramatically increasing the noise level output of your maxi-scooter. The result is an increase in torque, improved throttle response and better overall peak power. Reduced weight over stock exhausts further enhances scooter performance.

  • Broad power increase for 4-stroke scooters
  • Produces deeper tuned tone at a reasonable sound level
  • Pipes made of TIG-welded AISI 304 stainless steel
  • CAD/CAM designed for precise fit
  • Machine-specific tuning to work with stock fuel settings

To learn more about the LeoVince Scoot line of exhausts, including the H.M. ZX-R for 2-strokes and 4 Road for 4-strokes, email sales@leovinceusa.com, dial 510-232-4040 and speak with one of our friendly product specialists or visit leovinceusa.com.leovince-scooter-zx-r-and-four-road-exhaust 2