Harley-Davidson Tool: JIMS Dipstick Socket

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Harley-Davidson Tools

Are you tired of burning your hand while you check the oil level on your Harley-Davidson Bagger or Dyna? If so, you’re not alone.

Gary Smith has teamed-up with JIMS to develop the Dipstick Socket No. 759. This ingenious new tool, Patent #D630092, allows Harley riders and mechanics alike to quickly and safely remove the engine oil level dipstick that lies precariously close to a scorching hot exhaust pipe.

The Dipstick Socket not only protects your hands from the heat, but aids riders with limited hand strength in easily checking their oil level.

Features include a square hole for 3/8″ ratchet fitment, 7/8″ hex for wrench fitment, and a cutout for clearance around the exhaust pipe.

Application is for Harley-Davidson FL ‘07-present, FXD ‘06-present with OEM factory installed level indicators. The tool is made in the U.S.A. from non-marring Black Delrin, ensuring strength,
durability, and heat resistance.

JIMS Dipstick Socket has an MSRP of $25.75 and is backed by a lifetime warranty. For more information connect with JIMS on the web at jimsusa.com, or call 1-805-482-6913.