Yamaha: Stewart & Regal Visit Tulalip Club

Yamaha Supercross

Team San Manuel’s James Stewart and Kyle Regal visited the Tulalip Boys & Girls Club in Tulalip on Friday as part of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Outreach Program.

Over 150 kids were surprised by Stewart and Regal as they heard the roar of race bikes riding into their gym. Several kids in attendance ride dirt bikes and were excited for the visit.

The riders talked with the kids about how they got started. For Stewart, his dad was a major influencer, given his father’s passion for racing. And while riding has been a very important part of Stewart’s life, since he was just four years old, he never put his homework, chores, and responsibilities on the back burner.

James Stewart (San Manuel Yamaha YZ450F) says: “For me, it was always homework first and then I got to play later on,” Stewart said. “I had to be pretty strict with myself and stick to doing the right things to stay on track.”

Regal’s inspiration to start riding came from his older sister, after getting her hand-me-down bike. Regal started at a young age, like Stewart, but didn’t take it too seriously until he got older. At the beginning of the Supercross series, Regal’s goal was get top ten finishes, now that he’s done that his next goal, he says, is to win a race.

When asked what Regal does to stay in shape, he replied, “I play a lot of sports, whether it’s playing basketball, football, golf, running, or bicycling, it all helps. Eating right and staying active is an important part of being a successful athlete and staying healthy.”

To further show their support for the Club, both riders donated autographed gear, number plates and team merchandise to their upcoming “For the KIDS” auction to be held in May. “We really appreciate you taking the time to come out and do this for our kids and support our Club in this way,” Boys & Girls Club Director Chuck Thacker said.

The Tulalip Boys & Girls Club’s mission is to promote the health, social, educational, vocational and character development of boys & girls. It aims to help young people improve their lives by building self-esteem, developing values and teaching skills during critical periods of growth. Team San Manuel’s outreach program shares that mission and with the help of Stewart and Regal they’re able to provide real life examples and discuss the importance of living healthier lifestyles to inspire healthy changes for generations to come.

James Stewart says: “San Manuel is a great sponsor to partner with. I enjoy reaching out to kids to inspire them to be something more.”