Circus VMaximus: Yamaha VMax Wristwatch

VMax Wristwatch

The Yamaha Vmax was born in 1985, and CIRCUS VMAXIMUS celebrates this unique muscle bike with the new Vmax wristwatch which is part of the Classic Ride Edition.

The Vmax Chronograph is made in Germany and immediately catches the eye with the striking sporty design of its XL-size stainless-steel case that has a diameter of 43 millimeters (1.7 inches).

The timepiece sets itself further apart with a mineral crystal, a black leather watch band and a black 12-hour dial complete with ‘Vmax est. 1985′ logo.

The Vmax Chronograph costs 129 Euros ($186 USD) and keeps accurate time with its precision quartz movement. The watch’s chronograph functions allow exact timing of lap times and intermediate times.

The Vmax wristwatch is exclusively available online at