AMA SX: Stewart & Regal Reach Out in Texas

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Team San Manuel Yamaha Red Bull’s James Stewart and Kyle Regal visited the Boys & Girls Club of North Central Texas in Lake Dallas on Friday, April 1, as part of the Team San Manuel Community Outreach Program.

A group of about fifty kids eagerly waited as Stewart and Regal rode their Yamaha YZ450F’s onto the lot of their Boys & Girls Club.

Stewart and Regal first spoke to the children about the importance of eating right, exercising, studying, working hard, and setting goals.

After their introduction, Stewart and Regal answered several questions from the Boys & Girls Club Members. One young girl asked if Stewart likes being a Champion.

James Stewart (San Manuel Yamaha Supercross) says: “It feels great to be a Champion. I like winning and I work hard exercising and eating right to be successful doing what I love to do. It also gives me the opportunity to come out and talk to you, and if you see me as a positive role model, then it’s all worth it.”

Another member asked Regal about the important role nutrition plays in his ability to race.

Kyle Regal (Team San Manuel Yamaha Supercross) says: “Nutrition is a super important. It’s like racing or anything in life, if you want to perform, you have to put the best fuel possible in your body, so you have the energy you need to be successful at what you’re doing.”

After questions, Stewart and Regal signed posters for all the kids and posed for pictures.

Rick Bordley (Boys & Girls Club board member) says: “We don’t get stuff like this here. This was a real treat and great for the kids.”


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