Husky to Defend 2-Stroke Title at GHR

2011-husky-to-defend-2-stroke-championship-title 1 2011-husky-to-defend-2-stroke-championship-title 2Husqvarna News

Husqvarna believes in the legacy of 2-strokes and will be returning to the World 2-Stroke Championships this weekend with the #1 plate.

Look for both #1 Bobby Garrison and #99 Jamie Lanza aboard identical Zip-Ty Racing prepped WR300s to defend Husky’s heritage during the MTA World 2-Stroke Championships to be held at Glen Helen Raceway on Sunday, April 3.

In addition to going for the glory, the $4,500 purse should provide plenty of incentive for top pros to park their 4-strokes in favor of burning some castor bean oil this weekend!

Last year, Garrison gave Husqvarna its first major U.S. motocross win in nearly a decade in front of a packed house by defeating a field of top level-talent. “I am looking forward to busting out my trusty Husky WR300 and winning again,” says Garrison who is using the break in the WORCS series to defend the World 2-Stroke title.

Bobby is a good bet to win again after a recent WORCS victory and the fact that he is just back from San Felipe where he teamed up with Shane Esposito and Steve Hengveld to finish 2nd in the Baja 250!

Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna team member Jamie Lanza is also taking a break from the WORCS series and looking forward to a better race than he experienced last weekend in Arizona. Lanza suffered a “dunking” at Lake Havasu last weekend.

Jamie Lanza says: “Hopefully the only bath I’ll be taking this week will be champagne. The course had a lagoon jump that was ‘do or die’… and I died! I hit a rock under the sand approaching the lip of the jump and got sideways.

“I straightened out just as I went off the lip but had no drive and came up short, completely submerging myself and my Husqvarna TE310. I was a hero for the spectators, but very disappointed that I cost the team a top 10 finish,” says the rueful Lanza. “I’ll ride the WR300 Motocross Action Magazine test bike this weekend while my 4-stroke TE310 dries out!”

The racing on Sunday kicks off with the Old Timers MX for riders 40+ years old and then wraps up with the 2nd Annual MTA World 2-Stroke Championships. Visit to for more details on this weekend’s racing.

Corey Eastman (Husqvarna National Marketing Manager) says: “We want 2-stroke fans to Ride More… just like their 4-stroke counterparts. We are very proud of being the defending World 2-Stroke champions and look forward to winning it again this weekend!”