Valentino Rossi BFF To Testify in Drug Case

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Valentino Rossi's best friend, Alessio "Uccio" Salucci, has been called to Italian court to testify in case regarding a suspected cocaine ring, the German website recently reported.

Salucci, who is also Rossi's personal assistant at MotoGP races, was interviewed by Italian police because authorities expected him of knowing the suspects in the alleged cocaine ring, and also frequenting the same bar as the suspects. The case goes back to 2008, the German site reports.

When Italian Police first questioned Valentino Rossi's longtime friend, they suspected Salucci of being under the influence of an illegal substance. The Italian subsequently took a drug test, and the results were negative; no drugs were in Salucci's system.

Valentino Rossi's assistant will now head to court Sept. 21 to testify.

Salucci has become more and more involved in the MotoGP paddocks lately. He has recently been a huge supporter of Andrea Iannone, who races a Speed Master Suter in Moto2. The Iannone team is a complete "Made in Italy" team in the support class for MotoGP, which involves Rossi's main man of trust, Salucci.

In a March 8 release for the Speed Master Team, Salucci commented on Iannone's skill: "I admire his because he shuts the gas with energy and reopens it quickly. I don't think I would have stepped in such an adventure with a different rider."


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