‘Reconnecting with Canada’ Prologue Scenes

Canadian Motorcycle Adventure

“Reconnecting with Canada: The North” is an adventure lived and seen from behind the visors of two brave motorcyclists: Joe Lloyd and Paul Mondor.

The tale is told from the unique and unreal perspective of these two motorcycle riders exploring Northern Canada on icy and snowed in roads.

These brave motorcyclists will face conditions and deal face to face with Mother Nature as she will most likely throw all she has in their ways as they discover. Not only will these riders observe the geographical wonders of Northern Canada, but also its amazing people who makes it a place of wonder and beauty and danger known the world over.

Follow the Curbsyde team as they tackle winter conditions, freezing temperatures, and mental obstacles to ride a 10,000km motorcycle journey to Canada’s infamous iceroad to Tuktoyaktuk.

Attached is a YouTube video previewing “Reconnecting with Canada: The North.”