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  • ‘Reconnecting with Canada’ Prologue Scenes

    ‘Reconnecting with Canada’ Prologue Scenes

    Canadian Motorcycle Adventure

    "Reconnecting with Canada: The North" is an adventure lived and seen from behind the visors of two brave motorcyclists: Joe Lloyd and Paul Mondor.

    The tale is told from the unique and unreal perspective of these two motorcycle riders exploring Northern Canada on icy and snowed in roads.

  • Japan MotoGP: Rescheduled Due to Quake

    Japan MotoGP: Rescheduled Due to Quake

    2011 Japan Earthquake

    For the second consecutive year, the Japanese Grand Prix has been rescheduled due to Mother Nature.

    The FIM reports this year’s Japan MotoGP at Twin Ring Motegi, which was originally scheduled for April 24, has been postponed to Oct. 2 due to the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated the country late last week.

  • Alpinestars: ‘Tech Touring’ in Malaysia

    Alpinestars: ‘Tech Touring’ in Malaysia

    Alpinestars Tech Touring Video

    When Alpinestars released their Tech Touring line of apparel, its Italian designers went head-to-head with Mother Nature. The motorcycle clothing is is designed to protect the rider from all conditions, especially those encountered by the adventure tourer.

  • 2009 Husaberg FE 450 | Motorcycle Test

    2009 Husaberg FE 450 | Motorcycle Test

    Extreme Off-road

    When was the last time you were overtaken with pure unbridled motorcycle excitement? Overcome in a state of complete rapture? Do you remember the bike that evoked the reaction? I do, it was the first off-road motorcycle I ever laid eyes on, and I didn’t even know how to ride one at the time. Flash forward to the 2009 Husaberg FE 450, and I can truly say déjà vu.

  • AMA Pro Flat Track at Springfield rain delayed

    AMA Pro Flat Track at Springfield rain delayed

    Despite the valiant efforts of the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association, AMA Pro Racing and the Illinois State Fairgrounds staff, the final round of the AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Singles Championship was rained out Saturday night. A rain date has been set for Monday, September 7.

    Light rain moved into the Springfield area about the time the riders started to unload for the day’s activities and despite a few lulls and a forecast of clearing, Mother Nature won the hard fought battle.

  • Scorpion introduces new women’s jacket and pants

    Scorpion introduces new women’s jacket and pants

    As they say, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" With that imperative in mind, the design team at Scorpion skipped their Summer vacation in order to make sure that the all new women’s Fury jacket and matching Hellina pants were introduced and delivered in advance of the 2010 ScorpionExoWear collection!

    Part of the extensive XDR (Xtreme Distance Rider) technical riding gear series, the Fury had to be functional first and foremost, but the style element certainly wasn’t overlooked.

  • American Motorcyclist Association Schampa discounts

    American Motorcyclist Association Schampa discounts

    There are times as a motorcyclist when Mother Nature is not your friend and you are confronted with rain, wind, dust, searing heat, freezing cold or worse. Thankfully, you can fight back, and one of the best reinforcements is quality gear.

    The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is pleased to announce that Schampa is riding to the rescue with 15 percent discounts for AMA members on all apparel purchases such as balaclavas, facemasks, neck gaiters and high-tech undergarments.