Regal: A Return to 2011 Supercross

AMA Supercross

San Manuel Yamaha’s new 2011 AMA Supercross pilot Kyle Regal is expected to return before the season ends, the team reported Thursday.

Regal may possible make his return at Round 13 in Arlington, Texas, the race following this weekend’s Toronto Supercross. If Regal returns, he’ll have five rounds to make up some points.

Regal was injured during practice for Daytona Supercross, and missed that round and all subsequent rounds to date.

Initial medical evaluation had revealed broken bones in his wrist, including the scaphoid bone, an injury that his teammate James Stewart is all too familiar with. But after further evaluation, medical experts concluded Regal that Regal didn’t break his scaphoid, but rather chipped his radius bone.

This is a much quicker healing process, which is why Regal is expected to return at Arlington Supercross.

Kyle Regal (Team San Manuel Yamaha) says: “I’m so stoked to get to come back. When I first heard it might be the scaphoid, I was really bummed, because I remember when it happened to James and how long it took for his to heal. Luckily for me it isn’t that serious and I’m trying to get back as soon as possible.”

Regal is currently in 15th place with 60 points. The rookie is talented, considering he has posted excellent results and consistently qualified for the main event every week.

A Team San Manuel Yamaha representative says: “We are very excited to have him back. He is very talented and we know that he still has more to give to this Program.”