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  • Arlington Supercross: Stewart Report

    Arlington Supercross: Stewart Report

    2011 AMA Supercross

    Following Toronto Supercross, James Stewart had two major issues: the San Manuel Yamaha rider dropped to fourth in the AMA Supercross Championship, and he was arrested the following Monday on charges of impersonating an officer in Florida.

  • Regal: A Return to 2011 Supercross

    Regal: A Return to 2011 Supercross

    AMA Supercross

    San Manuel Yamaha’s new 2011 AMA Supercross pilot Kyle Regal is expected to return before the season ends, the team reported Thursday.

    Regal may possible make his return at Round 13 in Arlington, Texas, the race following this weekend’s Toronto Supercross. If Regal returns, he’ll have five rounds to make up some points.