Victory Motorcycles: Bolt-On Turbo Kit

Motorcycle Turbo Kit

Victory motorcycle owners looking for a serious boost in power and performance have got to check out this new line of bolt-on turbo systems recently introduced by Trask Performance.

These application specific systems are designed from the ground up and fine tuned for use on Victory’s awesome street machines, including all 8 Ball Cruisers (Vegas 8 Ball, Hammer 8 ball, & Kingpin 8 ball) the Custom Cruisers (Vegas Jackpot, kingpin Vegas, & High Ball) and the Muscle Cruisers (Hammer & Hammer S).

Each system features a Trask tweeked Garrett GT series ceramic ball bearing turbo charger specially designed for Victory Motorcycle powerplants.

The system is pre set to run 8lbs of boost on premium pumped gas, requires no internal modification. The straight forward installation can be accomplished in just 6 to 7 hours. The dedicated Trask Victory Turbo system provides usable, dyno proven power increases from 135 Horsepower on the conservative end.

The new Trask Victory Turbo Systems are available in three finish options; Brutal Black, Polished and Chrome, and a Mixed Black and Chrome. Victory Motorcycle turbo systems start at $4,995. For more information take a visit to or give them a call at 1-866-998-7275.