Yamaha Supercross Visits Boys & Girls Club

Atlanta, Georgia

Yamaha Supercross riders James Stewart and Kyle Regal visited the Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club on Friday, Feb. 25, 2011 as part of the Team San Manuel Community Outreach Program.

The Program is intended to inspire children to live healthier lifestyles and strive for success by eating right, exercising, doing well in school and believing in themselves.

Over one hundred fifty kids were in awe as James and Kyle rode into the gymnasium on their Yamaha YZ 450 F’s in full motocross gear. James and Kyle discussed the importance of what staying fit, eating right, and working hard means to them.

James Stewart (Yamaha Supercross #7) says: "I’m always trying to push myself and once I reach one goal I’m onto the next," James explains to the kids. "If you believe in yourself you can do anything, whether you want to be a teacher, doctor, or Supercross rider like me."

Kyle Regal (Yamaha Supercross #30) says: "Our mission is to inspire kids to be something more," Kyle comments. "My family always expected that out of me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of the hard work I’ve put in."


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