Harley-Davidson: C&C LoPro 2-Up Seat

Harley-Davidson Seat

C&C Motorcycle Seats offers its new line of 1-Piece LoPro 2Up Seats in designs for Harley-Davidson Sportsters and some Big Twin models.

This and other C&C LoPro Seat designs feature the front driver’s seat height lowered for better bike control, perfect for shorter riders, particularly those who want the Harley-Davidson Sportster model for its lower frame height.

You can customize all CC Seats in a variety of available stitch patterns with your choice of thread color to accent paint or graphics. Besides with the popular Vinyl fabric coverings in black, colors and textures, you can also customize with Exotic Hides including Alligator and Ostrich.

Your own special design embroidery can also be followed. Retail pricing for the C&C Harley-Davidson Sportster LoPro 2Up starts at just $235.00 for Plain Vinyl; $265 for Vinyl with choice of 6-Stitch Patterns, or Plain Leather; and $295 for Leather with choice of 6-Stitch Patterns.

C&C Motorcycle Seats offers custom seat designs for both Stock Replacement and Special Construction motorcycles. They also provide Seat Repair and Re-upholstery in Vinyl and Leather for all motorcycle brands and applications.

Visit their website for a complete look at their available fabrics, leathers and embroidery designs.

C&C Motorcycle Seats, 15146 Downey Ave., Paramount, CA 90723. Phone 866 775-2100 / 562 531-6185