Relentless Suzuki Cartagena SBK Test

Suzuki Superbikes

Guy Martin admits he has a lot to learn ahead of the 2011 Isle of Man TT motorcycle race after his latest superbike test with his new team Relentless Suzuki by TAS Racing.

However, after some hard work at the opening day of the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 test session at Cartagena in Spain, the Lincolnshire road racer said the team is already seeing big performance improvements from small changes.

Martin joined fellow TAS Suzuki Gixxer riders Josh Brookes and Alastair Seeley at Thursday’s opening test day was upbeat as he got through a large chunk of work according to the team.

Seeley has gelled impressively with the all-new GSX-R600 that he will campaign in this season’s British Supersport series; Josh Brookes has dipped under his best-ever time at the Cartagena circuit with consummate ease on his GSX-R1000 Superbike; and Guy Martin was working on both his Superbike and Superstock Suzukis.

Guy Martin (Suzuki GSX-R 1000) says: "It’s been steady away ‘Boy’… steady away. We are making good headway and are not bothered with the stopwatch.

"There’s a good atmosphere with all the guys out in Spain and today was spot on. We made the usual load of little changes that you do at this time of year, and they are starting to make a big difference.

"I’ve a lot to learn yet, but I’m looking forward to the year ahead with the team and the final three days of this test will give us a good starting point.

"We’ve had three days working very hard on the Superbike and just tonight at the end, we gave the ‘stock bike a run out. I’ve found some good direction with both bikes and tomorrow we’ll concentrate on the Superstocker. It’s all looking ‘Grand’."

Josh Brookes (Suzuki GSX-R 1000) says: "It’s good to start somewhere and try different things, so I’ve been working away with the guys, who made a few changes yesterday to see how I would react.

"It’s all been very calculated and we’ve been going in the right direction and learning all the time. I found more grip today with the rear, as a result of one particular change; and tomorrow I’ll be chasing a bit more front-end feel as I like to really push the front – that’s how I ride.

"To be honest, I’ve been riding fairly reserved, for the simple reason that we’re here to try different settings and not smash the bike to bits and hurt myself. I couldn’t be happier with the circumstances and am looking forward to tomorrow."

Alastair Seeley (Suzuki GSX-R 600) says: "This 600 just gets better and better and within three days we are posting some impressive lap times – it really is a dream to ride. I’m nearly finished on the GSX-R600 for this test, as tomorrow I need to put some time into the Superstock bike.

"I’ve been out on track doing my own thing and for my first time back riding, and on a new bike, I’ll be leaving here very happy. I’ve also enjoyed the team atmosphere on this test with everyone working well together."

Philip Neill (TAS Suzuki Team Manager) says: "It’s all very positive. Alastair has taken to the new GSX-R600 like a ‘duck to water’ and although he’s been very impressive over the three days, we need to remind ourselves, Josh is really only familiarising himself with the Suzuki Superbike at Cartagena.

"He has been testing different chassis and engine settings and he already feels very comfortable with the bike. He did dip under his best ever lap time at the circuit, significantly, but we are honestly not interested in lap times.

"In saying that, it is amusing to see that the Cartagena pre-season test continues to produce some very fast stopwatches! Guy has been working away at his own thing ticking boxes with engine and chassis set-ups and seems happy also."


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