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Motorcycle Boots

You’ve got to love a boot company that was founded by a guy with the last name of Shoemaker back in 1918. Over 90 years later, Wesco (West Coast Shoe Company) is still a manufacturer of premium boots in Scappoose, Ore. and is still run by a Shoemaker-the granddaughter of John Henry.

Establishing itself as a company that makes footwear for those in professions that are high-risk for feet-loggers, firefighters, and construction workers-they also deign to protect those of us who ride motorcycles.

The standard Wesco Boss boot is the oldest of a five-boot motorcycle line. It has been around for for nearly seven decades, and is a fine example of a sturdy boot made for roughhousing. However, for the most demanding of riders, Wesco also makes custom motorcycle boots.

The path to obtaining a pair of custom-made Wesco boots cannot be short-cut. It involves procuring an assistant to meticulously trace your feet, and then measure your feet and lower leg.

Do not take this job lightly, as improper measurements will result in a boot that does not fit as it should. Other questions about how you will wear your boots must also be answered.

After the measurements are made, it is a matter of selecting the boot style, boot height, sole, buckles, straps, lining material, and thread color, among other options. Unique accessories include a knife pocket and credit card holder.

I selected the Boss boot, with Wesco-branded buckles, a gearshift patch (left boot only), steel toe (Boss only), high-heeled thick Vibram sole and buckskin leather lining.

Wearing the boots delivers the sensation of true luxury. These are sturdy boots that please both visually and tactilely. The flawless lining is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The buckles are true buckles-no snaps underneath.

The Vibram sole helps me keep the bike upright, even with only one foot down planted on an oily strip of asphalt at a stop sign. The fit and comfort, of course, is nonpareil and something to be savored as you ride, and to walk in with pride. Go on. Indulge yourself.


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