Rain Halts Friday Moto2, 125 Jerez Test

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Rain played a deciding factor on Friday afternoon at the Jerez circuit, where the remainder of the combined session and individual Moto2 and 125cc sessions were effectively nullified by the weather conditions.

The skies opened at midday, by which stage Tom Luthi (Interwetten Paddock Moto2) had already set what was to be the fastest lap of the day, and the timesheet order was not altered for the remainder of Friday.

Indeed, Kev Coghlan, Mike di Meglio and Valentin Debise were the only Moto2 riders who went out again after midday, with Ricky Cardús the sole rider to brave the rain during the Moto2-only session later in the afternoon.

It was a similar story for the 125cc class, where the order was unchanged by the end of the day as well following the midday report.

Nico Terol remained top, but there were more 125cc riders who took to the track in wet conditions with Johann Zarco, Sandro Cortese, Héctor Faubel, Sergio Gadea and Sarath Kumar amongst a handful trying out the wet surface.

Times were unimproved, and during the 125cc-only session Jakub Kornfeil, riding again after suffering a small fracture in his right leg at the Valencia Test three weeks ago, was the sole rider on track.

Moto2 Jerez Test Results, Day 1 (Friday)

PosRiderTeamFastest lapPrev. GapLead. GapLaps
1.Thomas LUTHIInterwetten-Paddock Moto21:43.80213
2.Scott READINGMarc VDS Racing Team1:43.941+0.139+0.13917
3.Yuki TAKAHASHIGresini Racing Moto21:44.348+0.407+0.5464
4.Stefan BRADLViessmann Kiefer Racing1:44.510+0.162+0.70813
5.Jules CLUZELForward Racing1:44.641+0.131+0.83920
6.Alex DE ANGELISJIR Moto21:45.128+0.487+1.32612
7.Marc MARQUEZCatalunya Caixa Repsol1:45.229+0.101+1.4276
8.Andrea IANNONESpeed Master1:45.249+0.020+1.44712
9.Aleix ESPARGAROPons Racing1:45.439+0.190+1.63710
10.Mika KALLIOMarc VDS Racing Team1:45.628+0.189+1.82610
11.Raffaele DE ROSAG22 Racing Team1:46.167+0.539+2.36521
12.Randy KRUMMENACHERGP Team Switzerland Kiefer Rac1:46.204+0.037+2.40211
13.Max NEUKIRCHNERMZ Racing Team1:46.224+0.020+2.42220
14.Axel PONSPons Racing1:46.513+0.289+2.71116
15.Kenan SOFUOGLUTechnomag-CIP1:46.552+0.039+2.75022
16.Alex BALDOLINIForward Racing1:46.608+0.056+2.80614
17.Bradley SMITHTech3 Racing1:46.695+0.087+2.89320
18.Xavier SIMEONTech3 B1:46.779+0.084+2.97720
19.Claudio CORTIItaltrans Racing Team1:46.812+0.033+3.01013
20.Mattia PASINIIoda Racing Project1:46.888+0.076+3.0866
21.Dominique AEGERTERTechnomag-CIP1:46.892+0.004+3.09017
22.Mike DI MEGLIOTech 3 Racing1:47.214+0.322+3.41215
23.Yonny HERNADEZBlusens-STX1:47.232+0.018+3.4307
24.Pol ESPARGAROHP Tuenti Speed Up1:47.248+0.016+3.44614
25.Kev COGHLANAeroport de Castello1:47.717+0.469+3.91527
26.Anthony WESTMZ Racing Team1:47.747+0.030+3.94516
27.Santi HERNANDEZSAG Team1:48.274+0.527+4.47213
28.Robertino PIETRIItaltrans Racing Team1:48.350+0.076+4.54821
29.Ratthapark WILAIROTThai Honda Singha SAG1:48.560+0.210+4.7587
30.Esteve RABATBlusens-STX1:48.633+0.073+4.8318
31.Valentin DEBISESpeed Up1:49.467+0.834+5.6657
32.Simone CORSIIoda Racing Project-.—0
33.Michele PIRROGresini Racing Moto2-.—0

125cc Jerez Test Results, Day 1 (Friday)

1.Nicolas TEROLAspar Team1:49.16825
2.Maverick VI?ALESPEV-Blusens-SMX-Paris Hilton1:49.413+0.245+0.24519
3.Johan ZARCOAjo Motorsport1:49.971+0.558+0.80337
4.Jonas FOLGERRed Bull Ajo Motorsport1:50.153+0.182+0.98513
5.Efren VAZQUEZAjo Motorsport1:50.167+0.014+0.99914
6.Alberto MONCAYOAndalucia Banca Civica1:50.469+0.302+1.30112
7.Sandro CORTESEIntact-Racing Team Germany1:50.865+0.396+1.69733
8.Louis ROSSIMatteoni Racing1:51.402+0.537+2.23418
9.Tylor MACKENZIEPhonica Racing1:52.155+0.753+2.98717
10.Danny KENTRed Bull Ajo Motorsport1:52.404+0.249+3.23610
11.Niklas AJOTT Motion Events Racing1:52.449+0.045+3.28120
12.Simone GROTZKYJPhonica Racing1:52.586+0.137+3.41813
13.Danny WEBBMahindra Racing1:52.588+0.002+3.42020
14.Hiroki ONOCaretta Technology Forward T1:53.335+0.747+4.16710
15.Hector FAUBELAspar Team1:53.630+0.295+4.46228
16.Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDINAir Asia-SIC-Ajo1:53.800+0.170+4.63213
17.Alessandro TONUCCITeam Italia FMI1:54.298+0.498+5.13022
18.Giulian PEDONEPhonica Racing1:54.447+0.149+5.27918
19.Harry STAFFORDOngetta-Centro Seta1:54.459+0.012+5.2918
20.Joan PERELLOMatteoni Racing1:55.561+1.102+6.39310
21.Marcel SCHROTTERMahindra Racing1:55.619+0.058+6.4515
22.Daniel KARTHEININGERCaretta Technology Forward T 1:55.710+0.091+6.54213
23.Francesco MAURIELLOWTR-Ten10 Racing1:56.136+0.426+6.96829
24.Jakub KORNFEILOngetta-Centro Seta1:56.504+0.368+7.3369
25.Jasper IWEMATeam Ongetta1:56.627+0.123+7.4595
26.Luigi MORCIANOTeam Italia FMI2:02.274+5.647+13.10617
27.Sergio GADEAPEV-Blusens-SMX-Paris Hilton2:03.902+1.628+14.73423
28.Sarath KUMARWTR-Ten10 Racing2:09.618+5.716+20.45028
29.Ratthapark WILAIROTThai Honda Singha SAG1:48.560+0.210+4.7587
30.Esteve RABATBlusens-STX1:48.633+0.073+4.8318
31.Valentin DEBISESpeed Up1:49.467+0.834+5.6657
32.Simone CORSIIoda Racing Project-.—0