Keith Code: Superbike Scientology

Keith Code Video

A name synonymous with success and speed, racing instructor and Superbike School founder Keith Code takes pride in the champions he’s trained and the lives he’s saved from drug abuse and addiction.

His profile is one of 200 "Meet a Scientologist" videos available on the Scientology website, which is attached here.

Having trained more than 150,000 motorbike riders over the last 35 years, racing instructor Keith Code has virtually defined "skill" in motorbike racing. His video on captures the speed and excitement of his work.

The man of scientology has authored numerous books on motorbike racing, and his Superbike Schools, now operating in 13 countries, have helped more than 50 students become national and world champions.

Racing motorcycles since he was 16, there was a point Code nearly gave up the sport-and everything else for that matter.

Keith Code says: "It was the 1960s. I abused drugs for six years. By 1968, that landed me in the hospital. It was time for a change."

He knew it was either drugs or his dream-and, likely, his life. It was one thing to make the decision and another thing to make it stick. He didn’t expect it to be easy to pull it off.

Keith Code says: "A friend of mine was into Scientology. I could see he was getting things together. I certainly needed help and thought maybe this could do the trick."

Code took the Scientology Communication Course.

Keith Code says: "It was probably the first time I had been aware of my surroundings in about five years. The course opened up a crack in an otherwise-closed door to my aspirations and dreams."

Continuing his studies and Scientology spiritual counseling, his dreams kept coming true. Personally, professionally, in every aspect of his life-Scientology helped him attain a level of energy, vitality and awareness far beyond the chemical "high" he had sought from drugs.

Code got back into racing and winning again.

Then, while taking a course at his Church in the technology of study, he came upon something that gave his life new direction. L. Ron Hubbard had isolated the barriers to learning any subject. Code could use this technology to help people understand the basics of motorcycle riding. Hubbard had also broken down the subject of study into simple parts. Why not do the same for the subject Code knew best?

In 1976, Code began training motorbike riders with new motorbike riding and racing techniques he had developed. It worked. He retired from superbike racing in 1979 to devote himself to this new career.

Having nearly lost everything through his own abuse of heroin and other drugs in the 1960s before finding Scientology, Code has championed another field as well.

Active for more than 40 years in drug prevention and education, he is a role model to those he meets and trains on a personal basis, and as the spokesperson for Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a drug education and prevention initiative supported by the Church of Scientology and a host of other groups and organizations internationally.

At the top of a field he adores, and married to his soul mate, Judy, for the last 40 years, the Glendale, California-based motorbike mentor lives the life of his dreams. Through Scientology, Code has accomplished, in fact, the freedom and joy of living that motorbikes symbolized for him when he began riding half a century ago.