Marc Marquez Receives Sportsman Award

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After winning the 2010 MotoGP 125cc Championship at 17-years old, Marc Marquez became the youngest Spanish rider ever to become a World Champion.

His progress at such a young age showed the true champion side of Marquez, and on Monday, the Respol rider received the Under-18 Sportsman award in Spain at the Palace of El Pardo by King Don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofia.

The National Prize S.A.R. Princesa de Asturias Doña Letizia award honored Marquez, now a Moto2 rider, for his sporting progression in the National Sports Prizes awarded by the Sports Council.

Marquez, who was on hand with another award winner, 2010 MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo, was at the ceremony that featured many famous guests with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía, such the Princes of Asturias, Felipe and Letizia, Infanta Elena, and the Secretary of State for Sport, Jaime Lissavetzky. The Repsol rider received the , for his sporting progression in 2010.

The 125 Champion talked to many of Spain’s finest, including the Princess of Asturias, who was interested in Marquez’s studies and the way he combines them with the competition during the season.

Besides becoming the youngest Spanish rider to win a World Champion in 2010, Marquez also broke many records set by the great champions of the class in an unforgettable season. He took no less than 10 victories, apart from being the fastest in the practice sessions of 12 of the 17 races of the season. These results gave the Repsol rider a deserved place among the main sports figures of Spain.

Marc Marquez
(Repsol Moto2) says: "For me it is an honor to receive this prize, as it shows an important acknowledgement for our efforts. It is maybe even more special because it is at national level and it is given by the King himself. It was given to me by Princess Letizia and the truth is that it is an amazing feeling and it will be a feat very difficult to repeat.

"I am surprised, but at the same time I like, as much as anyone, to receive a token of affection and gratitude. My family, my team and all the people that support me every day are a very important part of each success as without them, none of this would have been possible. The awards give me strength to go on and face new challenges."


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