Motorcycles to Run Red Lights: Bill Update

Kansas Motorcycle Legislation

Red lights have been given motorcyclists problems ever since sensors were designed into them; these sensors act as triggers for red lights to turn green if a vehicle is waiting at a light.

But the problem is motorcycles don’t always trigger the sensors, and the light fails to turn green. This could leave a motorcycle at a red light for quite some time.

But Kansas lawmakers are pushing to change this with a new bill.

The bill, Kansas HB2192, nicknamed "Dead Red Bill," would allow motorcyclists to run a red light if the signal fails to turn green after a "reasonable period of time." Dead Red Bill was passed by the Kansas House earlier this week, and is now awaiting for Senate approval.

The bill says: "a red signal, which fails to change a green light within a reasonable period of time because …the signal has failed to detect the arrival of a motorcycle …because of its size or weight …shall have the right to proceed subject to the rules."

The bill would also apply to scooters and bicycles.