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Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Taylor Robert and Justin Soule headed 6,100 miles into the southern hemisphere to compete in one of the largest enduros in the world at the Enduro Del Verano in Piramar, Argentina.

The duo teamed up with Kawasaki Argentina and showed the huge South American audience that they meant business. Robert had an impressive race, leading from the start until the final few turns, when two riders were able to slip past, landing him in third place.

Soule also delivered a great performance, staying out front of the enormous field to finish in sixth place aboard the Kawasaki KX 450 F.

The Enduro Del Verano is one of the biggest enduro races in the world and draws the most talented off-road racers from around the globe. Resident sand specialist, Robert, led the entire field of more than 500 racers every lap of the race until the last lap, when a couple of riders passed him. The Kawasaki rider grabbed a third-place finish and the love of the South American crowd.

Taylor Robert (Kawasaki) says: "It was a really gnarly race. There were really choppy fifth-gear straight-aways coming into waist-deep sand whoops. I got off to a good start in third-place and made my way up to first-place right away. I lead the entire race until the last quarter of the last-lap, when two French guys passed me. I almost got one of them back on the motocross track, but I got pushed to the outside of a turn and he finished just ahead of me."

Boasting one of the largest race crowds to attend any off-road event in the world, the Enduro Del Verano’s grandstands and course were packed tight with more than 100,000 screaming fans. Every time Robert flew through the motocross portion of the course, the hoard of fans would emit a thunderous roar. With over 500 racers, the track deteriorated quickly, but his Kawasaki KX450F worked hard to keep him out front.

Taylor Robert says: "Every time I came back onto the motocross track I would hear a huge roar. I have never experienced anything like it. As the race progressed I knew I was in first-place because I would see the helicopter following me. My Kawasaki KX450F ran awesome. The suspension worked great, even when the track got super gnarly, it helped me blast through some of the roughest sand I’ve ridden."

Soule is one of the most consistent athletes in off-road racing. He navigated the turbulent sands of Argentina with expert precision. The starting gate looked like a stampede of racers, and Soule worked his way past 99 percent of the field within the first lap. He was able to maintain a fast pace, even improving his lap times, to finish in sixth place.

Justin Soule (Kawasaki) says: "I’ve never experienced anything like it. The spectators were awesome, and they were so enthusiastic the entire time cheering us on. As rough as the track was, my KX450F was working perfectly.

"I rode tight at the beginning and came around the first lap in sixth. By the time I loosened up, I wasn’t able to make up ground, even though my lap times improved as the race progressed. It was a very fast race and I felt I did better than the results showed. The Kawasaki Argentina team was so cool. They bent over backwards for us, and I can’t wait to go back next year."

After their impressive exhibition at the Enduro Del Verano, Robert and Soule are headed back to the U.S., in search of more podium finishes. They team up with Destry Abbott and head to Primm, Nev. for the second round of the WORCS series.

After spending a week navigating the sandy dunes of Argentina, they are dialed in for their upcoming race in the Nevada desert.

Enduro Del Verano, Piramar, Argentina, 2011 Results:

Pro Class Results
1. Milko Potisek, Honda
2. Adrien Van Beveren, Yamaha
4. Kurt Caselli, KTM
5. Jean Claude Mousse, Yamaha


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