Isle of Man TT: Privateer Pulls The Plug

2011 IoM TT News

The current Isle of Man TT Privateer’s Champion James McBride has decided to quit the privateer motorcycle racing scene after a successful 2010.

The Kettering road racer is not giving up on motorbike racing and will pull back on his leathers if a competitive support package is offered. However, McBride will no longer be running his own team.

James McBride was privateer champion at the 2010 TT motorcycle racing event. His success included an impressive 10th place finish in the Senior TT event.  

This lead to him winning the inaugural TT Privateer’s Championship and the IoM TT and he later joined the exclusive 130 mph club at the Ulster Grand Prix.

McBride was awarded a commemorative 130 mph medal at the Adelaide Motorcycle Festival in Belfast by road race legend Raymond McCullough. With a plethora of good 2010 results under his belt McBride felt it was time to step back and let this be the final accolade.

James McBride says: "I have been truly really humbled and flattered by my Irish fans and sponsor support from the weekend, but after receiving my award I felt it was time to retire my own efforts."

McBride said he is still keen to take part in the racing he loves, and should a suitable offer appear from a competitive team looking to employ a very capable racer he would certainly consider it.

However, running himself and keeping the team at a high level is a big job and one he wants to back off from.

McBride continues: "To improve on last season’s riding I would almost certainly need a stronger budget and dedication from everyone involved, but life is getting busy right now in a number of ways and to retire my own personal efforts would free me up to cope.

"However it would allow room for improvement to my own riding performance with much less energy and focus spent on managing a team and more time to focus purely on my racing.

"So be it if I don’t get to race much in 2011, but I am currently enjoying riding Enduro on my 450 Yamaha regularly and I will still structure a return to Macau in November."

To better his 2010 season would take a lot of time and investment in new machinery, as well as plenty of organization to ensure McBride can perform at the high level he is used to.

So, as things currently stand, McBride will be stepping out of the limelight and spending time with partner Dorothy and daughter Molly.

He thanked all of the sponsors, friends and family members who have helped him achieve all the successes racing has to offer. He said they stood by him from the early days in 1998 with the Club Championships, which he won, to the lows of 2000 and 2008, where he was sidelined through injury, and now to the heights of 2010.

McBride concludes: "Without my sponsors, some of whom are no longer with us, today wouldn’t be so poignant in terms of racing for 13 consecutive seasons.

"Racing became an interest back then, but spare money just wasn’t available and it took three to four years before support came along. I’m very grateful to anyone who has helped with costs or support from day one to year 13. I salute you all…."