XDL Championship: 905 Speed & Style Cup

Freestyle Sportbike

Among the many innovations for the XDL Championship Series 2011 season is a brand new competition format called the Racing 905 Speed & Style Cup.

It’s a national points championship that pits two Freestyle Sportbike riders against each other in a head-to-head format that features a stunt race down the track and back with an opportunity to gain a time bonus for style points.

Randy Grube (XDL Founder) says: "This competition combines the best of stunt riding and racing. It is fast, aggressive, easy to follow, has a clear winner and will showcase an incredible amount of daring and talent. We are really pumped about this new format because it is so exciting and so TV-friendly."

Racing 905 will come on board as the title sponsor for this new format, after years of supporting XDL as a series partner.

Aaron Celiceo (Racing 905 Founder) says: "This is an exciting time for us because we’ve been in this sport for such a long time and now we are directly associated with a competition format that will take the sport to an all-new level in terms of popularity."

The Racing 905 Speed & Style Cup will be part of every XDL Championship Series event in 2011, which includes the following schedule:

  • Round 1: Daytona Beach, FL – During Daytona Bike Week – @ Daytona International Speedway – March 9 – 12
  • Round 2: Phoenix, AZ – During AZ Bike Week – @ Downtown Scottsdale – April 1 & 2
  • Round 3: Nashville, TN – XDL Freeride Festival – @ Nashville Superspeedway – June 10 & 11
  • Round 4: Monterey, CA – With MotoGP – @ Downtown Monterey – July 22 & 23
  • Round 5: Indianapolis, IN – With MotoGP – @ Downtown Indianapolis – August 26 & 27

Additional information is at the following links:
XDL: xdlshow.com
Racing 905: racing905.com

Racing 905 was established in 2000, in San Diego, CA by Aaron, Adrian and Stephanie Celiceo and Tim Knight. With a rich history in off-road fabrication, Racing 905 turned to the street motorcycle market when it recognized an unmet need for crash protection products for the new breed of street riders. The result was the development of the first 3-point crash cage that was soon patented as (US 6910704 B1) and named Racing 905 Stunt Armor. Today Racing 905 has evolved into one of the major fabricators of street bike stunt accessories and has a following that spans the globe.

XDL is the only championship of its kind and is the leader in reaching the core 20-year old sportbike demographic. Each XDL event features the world’s most skilled sportbike riders squaring off in seven unique competitions for over $10,000 in prize money. Since its inception in 2006 the series has built a global following in places as far off as India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, France, Thailand and Eastern Europe, and in the process emerged as the fastest growing action sport in America.


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