Russian Tops FIM Ice Racing Final (2)

FIM Ice Racing

On Feb. 11 to 12, the best motorcycle ice riders from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Russia battled for top honors during two difficult days in the 2011 FIM Ice Racing World Championship Final 2.

Motorcycle ice racing experts were not surprised that it was the Russian riders who were in the lead during the both days of the competition as the Russian ice racing school has been the best one for eight years in such kind of competitions.

The ice racing fans witnessed an unforgettable motorcycling event, one they had been waiting since the last winter. The top ice racers in the world demonstrated their motorcycle skills on the ice arena, notable one of the most modern and specialized stadiums; The Stadium by Anatoly Stepanov.

On the first day of the competition vice-world champion Daniil Ivanov took the top step of the podium, placing him 3rd overall as the competition enters the final two finals with 75 points.

Daniil’s teammate Dmitri Khomitsevich and the Champion of Russia in 2011 took the 2nd place. Current World Champion Nikolay Krasnikov took the 3rd and final place on the podium.

Nikolay Krasnikov, the motorcycle rider from Ufa, was more successful on the second day as he took 2nd place. As for his total sum of points he is still in the lead with 88 points, while Dmitri Khomitsevich won the race on Sunday.

Dmitri Khomitsevich is in second position in the overall standings leading int the last two finals. Igor Kononov held on for 3rd place during the second day of the ice racing competition. He is now 4th overall.


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