2011 MX1 / MX2

Youthstream announces the officially approved teams for the 2011 Motocross World Championship season.

The list of the official riders will be published soon. 

Please find below the list of the 2011 officially approved teams:


Team Name / Brand
1. 3C Racing Yamaha, Yamaha
2. Andalucia Yamaha Castro Team, Yamaha
3. Beursfoon Suzuki MX Team, Suzuki
4. Bike-it Cosworth Wild Wolf Yamaha, Yamaha
5. Bud Racing / Rockstar / Kawasaki, Kawasaki
6. DIGA Racing Team, KTM
7. HM Plant Red Bull KTM UK, KTM
8. ICE1 RACING, Kawasaki
9. IST T.I.S.C.O. Racing, Kawasaki
10. JK Aprilia Racing, Aprilia
11. Kawasaki Racing Team, Kawasaki
12. KTM HDI MX Team, KTM
13. KTM Scott Racing Team UG, KTM
14. KTM Silver Action, KTM
15. Latvia Elksni Honda, Honda
16. Lieber Racing Team, KTM
17. LS Honda Racing, Honda
18. Monster Energy Yamaha, Yamaha
19. MVR-D Mark Chamberlain, Honda
20. Nestaan JM Racing, KTM
21. Red Bull Teka KTM Factory Racing MX1, KTM
22. Red Bull Teka KTM Factory Racing MX2, KTM
23. Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1, Suzuki
24. Sturm Racing Team, Kawasaki
25. Suzuki Europe MX2, Suzuki
26. Suzuki International Europe Motocross, Suzuki
27. Team CLS – Monster Energy – Kawasaki – Pro Circuit, Kawasaki
28. Team Gold Fren Schmidinger World MX1, Honda
29. Team Husqvarna – Ricci Racing, Husqvarna
30. Team MX Honda Racing, Honda
31. Team Yamaha Van Beers Racing, Yamaha
32. TM Racing Factory Team, TM