Anaheim II SX: Geico Honda Preview

AMA Supercross

Rookie Supercross Lites rider Eli Tomac is looking forward to heading back to Anaheim II and making a much better showing than he made at the AMA Monster Energy Supercross season opener a few weeks ago.

Eli Tomac (Geico Honda Supercross) says: "I finished 10th and since it was my first Supercross ever, at the time I was happy with that result. Now since I’ve been on the podium two weeks in a row, my expectations have already grown. I plan is to make it up there again this weekend."

The standout GEICO Honda rider is feeling confident about making his first repeat appearance of his short career.

Eli Tomac says: "It’ll be nice to go into Anaheim since I’ve been there once before. I’ve got a good feeling going in there."

Tomac has a second and third place finish at the past two events and wants to continue that streak at Anaheim. His strong riding has lifted him into fourth place in the Lites West season standings, 19 points behind class leader Josh Hansen.

Eli Tomac says: "I’ve gotten some hole shots, my starts are better, and I’ve been on two podiums in a row so I’m excited to get back on my GEICO Honda and hopefully earn my first win. Anaheim would be the perfect place to get it done."

Tomac’s teammate Kevin Windham, who competes in the elite 450cc Supercross class, is looking forward to returning to Anaheim as well. Windham isn’t looking at Anaheim 2 like it’s a return visit though, he is planning on treating it like another season opener.

Kevin Windham (Geico Honda Supercross) says: "The first part of the season has been very competitive. Supercross is always competitive but this year it’s especially so. I’ve struggled to get up on that podium so I’m using the second stop at Angel Stadium as way to boost my level of competition, almost like a restart to my season."

The veteran has stayed with the top riders at every race this year but wishes to be higher in the rankings then his current perch of eighth place.

Kevin Windham says: "I’m ready to get on my GEICO Honda and crack that top five. I’ve been riding hard, but the guys who are top five are just riding harder. I need to get up and be one of those top five guys starting at Anaheim 2."

Unlike his teammates, GEICO Honda Lites West rider Jimmy DeCotis’ appearance at Anaheim will be his first of the season, and his short pro career.

It was after Anaheim 1 when DeCotis was named the replacement rider for Wil Hahn, who suffered a season-ending injury in warm-ups for that event. DeCotis joined the team at the second stop of the series in Phoenix and has been working hard to feel comfortable in the class.

Jimmy DeCotis (Geico Honda Supercross) says: "I think it’ll be good that I didn’t get to see the first layout so I don’t expect anything going in there. I working on my starts and trying not be so nervous during the race. I need to get out there and ride my race and relax. I’m learning."

The rookie has been riding exceptionally well for the short amount of time he has been on his GEICO Honda. He has finished in the top 10 at each of his first three appearances and he’s hoping his hard work will earn him a spot on the podium very soon.

Jimmy DeCotis says: "If I get a good start up front, I think everything will change for me. So this week will be full of lots of practice starts so I can make that change and get in that top three."

The fifth round of the AMA Monster Energy Supercross Series will take place at 7 p.m. (PST) on Feb. 5 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif. Doors open to the public at 12:30 p.m. for practice and qualifying.