Billy Ray Cyrus To Chicago Bike Show

IMS Motorcycle Show

Avid motorcycle rider and country music super-star Billy Ray Cyrus will appear at the 2011 International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in Chicago on Saturday, Feb. 12.

The motorcycle enthusiast, who skyrocketed to fame in 1992 with his platinum selling single "Achy Breaky Heart" will his appearance from 10:00 am – 1:00pm to meet motorcycle fans and sign autographs.

After his 1992 hit song, Billy Ray Cyrus has gone on to release eleven studio albums, stared in television and film and helped launch the music career of his daughter, Miley Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus exclaimed that he was excited to meet thousands of other motorcycle riders at the Chicago Show.

If you can make the Chicago Motorcycle show, you will find Cyrus hanging out at the MotoFlix movie theater on the show floor where he will give an interview with the IMS industry spokesperson, Robert Pandya.

Billy Ray is prepared to discuss his history with riding motorcycles, what bikes he likes to rides, owns, long distance ride trips he’s taken and any bikes he’s looking forward to seeing come out in the near future.

After the interview, Cyrus will spend a few hours meeting fans, signing autographs and taking pictures for the attendees to the Chicago Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

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Watch this YouTube music video of Billy Ray Cyrus performing Real Gone, the song featured in the Pixar hit movie "Cars".


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