JDR Supercross: Andrew McFarlane Auction

Motorcycle Charity

May 2, 2010, was a day that saddened many people, none more so than Natalie and Tayla McFarlane.

When Andrew McFarlane passed away, he left behind a young family without their hero. In the wake of Sharky's passing, JDR Motorsports KTM has created an on-going auction website, with all proceeds going directly to the Andrew McFarlane trust fund.

Jay Rynenberg (Team Owner and then Manager) says: "Andrew's passing has left more than emotional scars on Natalie and Tayla's lives.

"Andrew was also there soul source of income, so a cloud of uncertainty lies over their heads. We are trying to do everything possible so Nat and Tayla don't need to stress about finances and can move forward in their lives. 100% of the money raised goes straight into the hands of Nat and Tayla so it's more than a worthy cause!"

Auction items include memorabilia from some of the world's greatest sports persons and will be updated on a regular basis.

Click here to register and help JDR Motorsports support the family of a friend.


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