MotoGP: Rossi & Hayden Ice Footage

Ducati MotoGP Video

Here's some footage of Ducati MotoGP team riders Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden racing different machines Friday at the Wroom event at Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites, Italy.

The traditional ice race concluded the week-long event; Rossi and Hayden competed in go-karts and then Fiat Cinquecentos.

Rossi and Hayden represented the Ducati MotoGP team, and the famed Formula 1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were representing the Italian icon Ferrari, along with three Ferrari F1 test drivers.

The nine-time World Champion Rossi, who signed with the Ducati Team after seven years of MotoGP racing with Yamaha, did not partake in any events like snowboarding at the Wrooom event, but still had some fun in the ice races.

The go-kart races were first, and although Rossi's participation was questionable due to recovering from shoulder surgery, the Italian still raced.

Alonso, who has talked Rossi's four-wheel talent down before, got out front first, led all 20 laps. Rossi would finish fifth. But the American Hayden had different luck, and ended third behind Massa and race-winner, Alonso.

In the Fiat Cinquecentos ice race, the winner again was the Spaniard Alonso. Like his performance in the go-kart race, the Ferrari star Alonso led every lap of the race. Hayden finished second, and Rossi third. Last year at the ice race, the teams raced Fiat Pandas, and Hayden took the win.

Besides taking on Alonso, Rossi was also unveiled in 2011 Ducati Team MotoGP livery for the first time. The team's 2011 Ducati GP11 MotoGP motorcycles were also unvieled in 2011 livery.


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