Alpinestars Bionic Air Back Protector

Motorcycle Safety

Alpinestars has introduce two more motorcycle safety products from the upcoming 2011 Technical Apparel collection.

In addition to the Verona Airflo Jacket and Kevlar Denim Pants introduced last week, we have just learned about two more key items that will be unveiled at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo in February.

Alpinestars knows that safety and protection is always at the forefront of every motorcycle rider’s mind. They are constantly developing new products that incorporate the latest technology in safety and protection.

Two of Alpinestars latest technical protection products are the Bionic Air Back Protector and the Bionic Air Back Protector Insert.

The Bionic Air Back Protector is CE certified to the current back protector standard. This ergonomic, compact protector focuses on protective coverage around the central back.

Though the use of Alpinestars exclusive Dual Density Honeycomb technology, the Bionic Air offers riders a extremely lightweight protector that closely conforms to the body for maximum levels of riding comfort.

Many of Alpinestars products are equipped with removable protective inserts, allowing riders to continue to wear their favorite pieces and update the protection in those pieces as technology advances.

  • CE Certified Level 1 to the LATEST back protector standard (prEN1621‐2:2010) allowing a slimmer, more ergonomic design.
  • Innovative Dual Density Honeycomb Technology (DDH) combines two different honeycomb structures to offer lightweight impact protection with exceptional breathability and comfort:
  • Outer Honeycomb plate ‐ Made of Polypropylene; provides an outer structure to protect the back from penetrating injuries, as well as dissipating impact force over a wider area;
  • Inner Honeycomb foam ‐ Made from a special elastomeric compound, this light and flexible impact foam absorbs transferred energy.
  • The Bionic Air Back Protector has been tested to offer superior impact protection over a wide range of ambient temperatures.
  • Ergonomic protection plates contour to the natural curve of the back ensuring optimum fit and comfort while riding.
  • Protection plates have special lateral "wings" that flex to fit to the movement of the shoulder blades and wrap around the kidneys when in the riding position.
  • Adjustable elastic shoulder straps.
  • Wide waist featuring a dual Velcro closure system.

The Bionic Air Back Protector Insert is CE certified, and offers street riders superior levels of comfort and performance. The Bionic Air Back Protector easily slips into the back protector of any Alpinestars motorcycle jacket ensuring outstanding levels of impact protection.