Dakar: President Pinera Visits Chaleco

2011 Dakar News

A break today (Saturday) is totally necessary in a race like the Dakar. It is also the occasion to receive important visitors. The President of Chile came to greet the race and the best rider of his country.

After 4586 km, the Dakar Rally stops for a day. The rest day is the occasion for riders to take a break and mechanics to work on bikes before the second part of the Dakar race begins.

This morning, the bivouac of Arica in the Pacific shore has been honored with the visit of the President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, a great motorsports’ fan.

The President could not miss out Team Aprilia Giofil and the national idol "Chaleco" Lopez.

More than one hundred journalist followed Sebastian Pinera at the moment he came to talk to the Aprilia rider Lopez, to know more about his Dakar race. The Chilean rider offered his helmet to the President.

The second and toughest part of Dakar 2011 begins tomorrow. Riders must leave the bivouac from 4.15 a.m. for an 829 km stage, and the longest special stage of the rally, 631 km divided in two timed sections. They day is announced as one of the hardest and more extenuating stage of Dakar 2011.

Francisco Lopez (Aprilia Dakar) says: "I was very glad with the visit of the President. He asked me how many kilometers we have done, how we sleep, what we eat, what are the difficulties of a race like the Dakar. He is a true passionate of motorsports and he wanted to ride my bike. I hope to be able to dedicate him and to all Chile one stage victory."


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