LeoVince: 7 Years of Supercross Support

2011 AMA Supercross

LeoVince USA staff will be headed to Anaheim 1 for the first race of the 2011 AMA Supercross season and to kick-off the company’s seventh year of race support at Supercross races.

New this year in Supercross is LeoVince’s line of X3 Works Carbon Fiber. These products are a technical (or dry or autoclaved) carbon fiber version of OEM replacement parts such as disc guards and chain guides.

The carbon fiber versions were raced and tested throughout 2010 and now make their 2011 Supercross debut on numerous professional teams competing this year.

Ted Campbell (LeoVince USA Race Manager) says, "We’re all very excited about 2011. We believe our new line of X3 Titech Titanium & Stainless Exhausts will be a class leader this year. They offer weight savings, durability and incredible performance at a price that will make sense to riders and racers everywhere.

"Also the addition of our X3 Works Carbon Fiber product and New X3 Two Stroke silencers expand our off-road offerings. We have been hard at work engineering new products to support our fans and customers with."

LeoVince continues to publicly and financially support the push for quieter racing and has offered Supercross race exhausts that meet or come in below the AMA 94dB limit for the last decade. LeoVince is proud to be the global leader in Quiet Performance Technology.

For more information on LeoVince X3 Titech, and X3 Carbon Fiber Works contact info@leovinceusa.com

For more information on being a LeoVince X3 supported racer contact Ted Campbell at ted@leovinceusa.com or at 510-232-4040.

LeoVince X3 Supported Supercross Teams and Riders

Eleven10Mods/Renegade Fuels – X3 Carbon Fiber Works sponsored
Team Manager – Chad Sanner
Team Riders – Darryn Durham, Brandon Mays & Alex Martin

BTO Sports/BBMX/Palmetto Suzuki – X3 Carbon Fiber Works sponsored
Team Manger – Forrest Butler
Team Riders – Michael Byrne & Jason Thomas

Kilbarger Racing/Honda of Troy – LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber Works sponsored
Team Manger – Tony Kilbarger
Team Riders – NIco Izzi & Levi Kilbarger

Team Suzuki City – LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber Works sponsored
Team Manager – Michael Nasakaitis
Team Riders – Malcom Stewart & Sean Lapanovich

Team Dirtlab – LeoVince X3 Exhausts & X3 Carbon Fiber Works sponsored
Team Manager – Ryan Clark
Team Rider – Ryan Clark

Privateer Riders – LeoVince X3 Exhausts & X3 Carbon Fiber Works sponsored
Tanner Reidman
Greg Crater
Spencer Kauffman
James Polvony
Kurt McCabe
Cole Martinez
Dillon Alexander


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