2011 Dakar: Security a Main Concern

2011 Dakar

Security is the main concern of the 2011 Dakar Rally organizers and the Argentine and Chilean authorities.

The population density generated by the enormous success of the rally requires many carefully studied measures, implemented in collaboration with all the authorities concerned in Argentina and Chile.

As such, creation of spectator dedicated zones for 2011 Dakar has been publicized via a broad-ranging information campaign in the media. Speed limits along the Dakar routes of the link stages must strictly obey the law in force and are rigorously checked.

Deployment of security related resources have been planned to the very finest detail. This cooperation upstream of the event with the authorities will continue all the way throughout the rally.

The 2011 Dakar security scheme in figures

  • 60 secure “spectator zones” can be found on the 14 stages of the route.
  • 25,000 Argentine gendarmes, police officers and Chilean carabineros will be on duty to ensure spectator safety.
  • 15 vehicles and 30 people from the Agencia Nacional de Séguridad Vial (Argentine national security agency) will supervise the sometimes massive movements of rally fans attending the “spectator zones”.
  • 30 of the organiser’s vehicles will be participating each day in making the route and the “spectator zones” safe.
  • 7 helicopters ensure the security of the event, including one that is exclusively dedicated to surveillance of the route at the forefront of the race.

The Dakar communication campaign in figures

  • 2,000 safety messages will be broadcast by 40 radio stations during the rally.
  • A massive press campaign with inserts dedicated to “safety instructions” in national and regional daily newspapers, as well as the specialist media, has been developed.
  • 350,000 “security” flyers will be distributed by the Agencia Nacional de Séguridad Vial in Argentina.
  • A video clip has been recorded and will be broadcast by television channels as well as on major media web sites.

Facebook and Twitter: daily security related messages will be published on the rally’s Facebook page as well as via its Twitter account.


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