2011 Dakar: Live Web Timing and Updates

2011 Dakar News

Beginning with the technical and administrative verifications, web surfers are invited to discover the new dakar.com site during the 2011 Dakar.

Readers can stay informed throughout the entirety of the Personal Dakar Argentina – Chile, as well the mobile applications and the official social network of the race.

The Rendezvous on Dakar.com

When the first motorcycles set off on the day’s Dakar stage, a stream of information will be opened with detailed live coverage of the key moments of the race.

An accident that changes the hierarchy, a slight navigation error that catches out several favorites….internet users can closely follow the changes taking place in the stage and for the first time can have a look at photographs transmitted on site.

At the same time, thanks to the Iritrack technology, everyone can keep abreast of the position of their favorite Dakar competitors and can have a look at the virtual standings established at the intermediate timing points.

From the arrival of the first competitors, audio interviews, accompanied by photos, will be published to know the first reactions from the principle actors of the Dakar stage.

The 2011 Dakar in Your Pocket

Using the content available on Dakar.com, an application has been developed for the Android, Blackberry and iPhone mobile phones.

It allows mobile users to follow the 2011 Dakar race at all times. In Argentina and Paraguay, mobile operator and title sponsor of the rally, Personal proposes an exclusive application for all its subscribers.

The race continues on Facebook and Twitter

There are more and more Dakar fans coming together on the official Facebook page. During the event, they will be able to find video clips created from the bivouac, photo galleries, on board camera footage, interviews, etc…

The live news feed will be available on Twitter and spectators who want to watch from the side of the tracks will be informed as to where the "public" zones are where they can view the action in total safety.

Virtual Dakar Rally Game

More than 150,000 game players tried the discipline last year. For the 2011 edition, the official on-line game allows users to measure their skills on the rally route. Like the competitors in action, they will be able to adjust navigation, the driving attack level, tire pressures, etc.


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