Bazzaz University: Race Bike Setup Class

Motorcycle Race Setup

Bazzaz, Inc. is proud to announce the start of a new series of training and technical seminars on Bazzaz products, tuning, and Race Bike Setup Seminars instructed by Ammar Bazzaz a former Factory Suzuki Crew Chief and engineering consultant to many roadrace teams.

Ammar is excited to teach and pass on valuable and critical information for those seeking a better understanding of roadrace motorcycle setup and desiring to turn faster lap times.

The two-day lecture will consist of a mix of theory, practice, and techniques with examples. Topics will generally be covered in one of three ways: Overview (O), Basic principles (BP), and Practical techniques with real examples (PT).

Some topics will be covered in more than one way (see course outline on website for details). Open Q&A will be available as appropriate. The course offers the personal approach of Ammar Bazzaz to motorcycle set-up, as well as his 10+ years of experience tuning for professional riders.

Ammar Bazzaz
(president of Bazzaz) says: "We are very excited to introduce BU and its various components to our customers. We are continually looking for ways to enhance our customer’s experience with our product, and the Race Set-up Seminar is an exciting offshoot of our product training materials."

"I personally look forward to sharing with the class my very fortunate experience of working alongside some the best riders and technicians in professional racing. It will be educational and fun for sure!"

In 2011, there will be a total of 10 2-day long information packed seminars to be held at the Bazzaz facility in Chino Hills, CA. The first class to be held the weekend of March 5-6, 2011. Race Bike Setup Seminar fee is $600 per person.

About Bazzaz

When it comes to engine management for motorcycle and ATV racing, the name Bazzaz is synonymous with performance. Now operating out of an 8,500 sq ft. facility in Chino Hills, CA the company houses both R&D and manufacturing operations. Bazzaz has been designing and tuning fun to use, highly effective performance engine management electronics for the top tier of motorcycle racing since its inception.


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