Gator Skins Thermals for Motorcyclist

Motorcycle Cold Weather Gear

Gator Skins thermals are the warmest and best solution for cold weather outdoor sports; in fact, they are a fantastic warm body answer for any outdoor activity in cold weather, expecially motorcycle riders.

Knitted from an extremely thin and lightweight material that moves with the wearer, Gator Skins feature a breathable, rugged fabric that is water repellent and warms three times better than wool.

The Gator Skins technology was developed by DuPont researchers from a new leading edge material. This micro fabric is knitted from ultra microfibers that are smaller that a human red blood cell, yet they hold a greater amount of warm air next to the body than traditional fabrics of equal or greater thickness.

Gator Skins will keep you warmer in the cold and dryer in wet weather and still breath better than any other water repellant material you’ve tried.

Gator Skins is proudly made in the U.S.A. by a veteran owned company.

Water repellent / windproof

When fitted properly Gator Skins will repel water and not allow wind to enter the shirt. Due to our circuitous cross-sectional knitting, water and wind will not penetrate the fabric exterior.

Breathability / wicking capabilities

Though Gator Skins repel water and wind from the exterior, they allow air to flow through the fibers from the inside out. Air molecules are smaller than water molecules and move through the fabric, but the larger water molecules are grabbed on the inside by the micro fibers and evaporated with the air flow, thus wicking sweat.

Heat retention

The secret of our performance lies in our patented construction and fabric. Ultra microfibers retain just the right amount of warm air next to the body insulating the body perfectly for a comfortable experience.

Though Gator Skins is a breathable material, it still retains warmth in a miraculous new way. Due to the various fibers used, Gator Skins have the ability to allow some air to pass and some fibers to warm quickly and effectively hold onto warm air molecules. This second fiber has millions of tiny air pockets that trap warm air thus warming the fibers themselves, creating an inviting and pleasant experience.

Damage proof

Gator Skins will not fray, even if you somehow manage to punch a hole in one of our shirts, it will not rip or fray. Due to the lock knit technology used, the damage will not increase.

Fitting the Gator Skin shirt

The shirt is worn against the skin or over a cotton t-shirt. The warmest application is directly against the skin. The shirts should be worn loose like a t-shirt. Wearing Gator Skin shirts too tight will impede their water repellant properties and their warming capacity.

Shirt construction

Gator Skins shirts have knitted sleeve cuffs and collars to stay close and out of the way of other gear. The shirts also have extra long tails to stay tucked in while leaning forward when riding bikes.


Gator Skins pants are worn closer than the shirts because they will be under the users pants. The waist should fit comfortably and the lower cuff should end right around the ankle.

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