Piaggio debuts iPhone Infotainment

Scooter Integration

The Piaggio Vehicle Infotainment Platform is the new device which allows a scooter to be easily connected to an Apple iPhone Smartphone, transforming it into a true and proper on board computer, capable of managing all the information relative to the vehicle.

The Apple iPhone is simply inserted into the Piaggio scooter support to view and process a variety of information useful for the trip.

The bluetooth connection provided by Piaggio for the iPhone integration, together with the GPS and Internet features, allows the Apple iPhone to become an integral part of the instrument panel.

Customizable in graphics and content, the Piaggio iPhone Infotainment system offers scooter riders the possibility of accessing numerous features such as:

  • On-board computer: averages, fuel consumption, fuel autonomy, etc.
  • Additional indications: temperatures, rpm indicator, levels, function values.
  • Useful trip indications: Piaggio Vehicle Infotainment Platform indicates the location of the nearest petrol station, provides information on the weather conditions along the route.
  • Service indications: Piaggio Vehicle Infotainment Platform provides an alert when the mileage for scheduled service is reached and even allows the user to schedule the service with the garage.
  • Indications for use: Piaggio Vehicle Infotainment Platform provides all the information contained in the use and maintenance manual.

Piaggio Scooter Infotainment allows the user to listen to telephone calls, music and all indications relative to navigation or additional features directly in your motorcycle helmet.

The Piaggio Infotainment Platform currently supports Apple iPhone, but will soon be available for other Smartphone models.


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