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Harley-Davison Tail Lamp Gaskets

Harley Tail Lamp Gaskets

Harley-Davidson tail lamp gaskets can turn into a real eyesore after years exposed to the motorcycling elements.

Additionally, damaged or worn lamp gaskets can allow moisture into the rear Harley lighting with related consequences.

If you’re fortunate enough to own an early Harley-Davidson K-Model Sporty, or FL/FLH motorcycle, you might want to know about these new Tail Lamp Assembly Gasket & Mounting Kits being offered by James Gaskets.

The Harley replacement part number 68123-55-K for this tail lamp kit includes all three gaskets needed to seal and mount the tail lamp assembly used on the above mentioned motorcycles.

Suggested retail for the motorcycle part number JGI-68123-55-K is just is $11.75.

Available from J&P and Dennis Kirk or call 775-246-2220 for a dealer near you. Email or catch them on line at

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