125cc GP: A Quick Look at Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez MotoGP 125cc Report

They say that all roads lead to Rome, but in the case of some, when the passion for motorcycling is ingrained in your genes, all roads lead to the World Motorcycling Championships.

Marc Marquez jumped into the ring of the Continental Circus for the first time just after celebrating his 15th birthday, an amazing feat, whichever way you look at it. However, it seemed that it could not have been any other way if your father is one of the thousands of fans who, year after year, ride down to the Jerez Grand Prix.

It is not surprising that at just four years old, Marquez asked for a bike for Christmas and at thirteen, he was Catalonian Champion on three occasions (in motocross and motorcycling).

In February 1993, Czechoslovakia disappeared after 74 years of history, actress Audrey Hepburn had died a few days earlier. On the 17th of the same month, a future champion was born in Lleida.

Young Marquez has always lived in Cervera, a small town near the capital Lleida, where he lives with his parents and brother Alex, three years younger and who has followed in his footsteps, achieving second place in the Pre 125cc Catalonian Motorcycling Championship in 2009.

When he was four, Marquez asked for a motorbike for Christmas and with two small side-wheels to help him keep his balance, he took his first steps. His father used to take him to an open space near their home, to an industrial estate or even to a friend’s field, and that was the prelude to his first races at the age of five, when he competed in the “Enduro per nens”, in the junior category.

Marquez would have preferred to compete in motocross, a more fun competition in which all riders start together and you could measure yourself, face to face, with other children without needing to check the timesheets at the end of the race. However, at the time there was no motocross category for children his age.

Marc Marquez Career Highlights:

  • 2010: 125cc World Champion
  • 2009: eighth 125cc World Championship
  • 2008: 13th 125cc World Championship
  • 2007: ninth Spanish Road Racing Championship (CEV)
  • 2006: Champion Catalonian Road Racing Championship 125cc; Eighth Spanish Road Racing Championship (CEV)