Mahindra & Mahindra Sparks Bike Trade

Mahindra Motorcycles

The world’s largest motorcycle manufactures should be on the look out, not from the usual likes of Honda, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Piaggio, Triumph or Ducati, but from the $76 billion Mahindra & Mahindra group-owned company based in India.

Backed by its Power Scooter Strategy that targets the youth with its peppy, light-weight bikes, the making of the motorcycle-manufacturing giant is happening right before our eyes.

Mahindra kick-started its two-wheeler foray by acquiring the Pune-based Kinetic gear-less scooter company in July 2009. The group then introduced the Mahindra Flyte as its first scooter product offered across India.

The Mahindra Flyte scooter is powered by a 125cc engine, and boasts cool features such as lean fueling, 4-in-1 key, a large storage space and telescopic suspension to make it a comfortable, convenient and smooth ride.

On Sept. 10 of that same year, Mahindra Two Wheelers unveiled two new motor scooters – the Mahindra Rodeo and the Mahindra Duro.

The Mahindra Rodeo is deigned for the young urban Indian male, the Mahindra Rodeo is a high performance, feature-packed scooter with a distinctly macho demeanor.

A robust 125cc engine offers a whooping 8.0 hp of power, making it one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. Excellent pick up and smooth acceleration ensures agility even in dense traffic of India and low maintenance costs. And ithis scooter must get around 80 MPG.

The Mumbai-based company recently made its debut in the motorcycle segment with two models, the Stallio and Mojo, and roped in film star Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador.

The 300cc Mojo is a "lifestyle" bike, which the company calls the ultimate machine for motorcycle enthusiasts. Having a so-called high-performance bike with latest global technology is expected to help Mahindra to make an impact in the highly competitive motorcycle market.

"Mojo is in a sense a showcase of what we are capable of doing,"the motorcycle Group Vice-Chairman and Managing Director Anand Mahindra told ET NOW in an interview. "It is the fastest Indian bike and it was designed with that goal in mind."

The 110cc Stallio motorcycle is more of a volume winner, being competitively priced, fuel efficient and offering some new features.

Mahindra has ignited an online campaign to create a buzz around its motorcycles. And the company has offered to hire 20 bikers to ride its bikes from Ladakh to Nagpur. After the journey, the bikers get to keep the bikes.

The response to the products line-up may not seem interesting to hard-core U.S. motorcycle enthusiasts, but Mahindra Two Wheelers reported its best monthly sales of 16,569 scooters in September, a whopping 451-percent increase year-on-year.

Don’t be surprised if your grandkids will one day be saying, "You meet the nicest people on Mahindra."