2011 Yamaha EC-03 | Euro Preview

Electric Scooter

Yamaha’s new zero-emission electric vehicle was created so European commuters could make the switch. Shown at the Intermot Motorcycle Show in Germany, the 2011 Yamaha EC-03 is a new vehicle that is a pure electric bike that is slim, easy to use and totally emissions-free.

Designed for busy city-dwellers who want to switch to independent electric transport, the electric EC-03 scooter provides a fast, convenient way to get round town.

Designed to accommodate those who never used a scooter or motorcycle before, the EC-03 claims virtually no operating costs; it’s economical to run, and combines silent, clean operation with surprisingly nippy performance.

For a more versatile ride, the zero-emission EC-03 features a choice of two motor modes. When riders need to boost their speed, they can switch from Standard mode to a special Power mode at the touch of a button.

Plus, thanks to its lightweight build and slim proportions, the EC-03 can easily be wheeled into your office or taken in your van if you’re heading away on vacation.

With a handy built-in charger unit, the Yamaha EC-03 can be connected straight to any standard mains supply, using an electric cable. With a full charge taking around seven hours, the EC-03 can easily be charged to full power during a working day or overnight.

A full charge offers sufficient power for a journey of approximately 46km at 30km/h on a flat road. In Standard mode it achieves a running distance per charge of 30Km while in Power mode it reaches 20Km.

The EC-03 owes its slim build to Yamaha’s specially-designed YIPU (Yamaha Integrated Power Unit). This innovative unit uses a direct-drive type in-hub motor, which minimizes power-transmission loss, and a mini-computer control to calculate optimum output at all times.

In combination with the EC-03 optimized gear settings and specially designed tires, the YIPU helps to deliver a silky-smooth, near-silent ride – with none of the heat, vibrations, noise or exhaust gas you’d expect from a petrol-powered vehicle.

The YIPU has also been calibrated for maximum torque at low speeds, allowing riders to power away from the lights and leave cyclists standing.

Controlling the EC-03 scooter is simplicity itself, thanks to an electronic throttle built into the handlebar grip. In combination with the high-spec motor controller, this ensures lively, smooth running performance.

To ensure riders stay informed of key vehicle information, the EC-03 includes an instrument panel with digital LCD display with speedometer and battery charge gauge.

At just 56kg (123 lbs.), the 2011 Yamaha EC-03 is easy to ride. This lightweight construction is the result of a newly designed aluminum-alloy pipe frame, which is around 30% lighter than a 50cc gasoline engine scooter.

The adjustable EC-03 seat height, seat hip position, footrest and handlebar position have all been calibrated to create a straight-backed riding position that looks and feels good. The shape of the seat is optimized for easy leg reach to the ground.

Comfort is further assured by new rear suspension with large-diameter spring coils, which lets riders take bumps and potholes in their stride.

The Yamaha EC-03 is equipped with a stylish, multi-reflector headlight (automatic lighting type)- ensuring excellent illumination, especially during night riding.

The EC-03 features a unique mutual-communication type controller YMCS (Yamaha Mutual Communication System). This allows battery, controller, charger and meter systems to operate constantly, exchanging data for automatic control of key functions in all conditions.

The result is easier operation for the user and smooth running performance, as well as several important security features. Users can lock the EC-03 by key code on the meter panel, making it difficult to steal. The EC-03 will also not function during charging, or when the wheel is lifted off the ground.

The Yamaha EC-03 will be available to buy in Yamaha dealers throughout Europe from the beginning of 2011.