Vito Ippolito Re-Elected FIM President

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Vito Ippolito was re-elected as President of the FIM (International Motorcycle Federation) for a second term, it was reported Tuesday.

FIM says a historical number of 98 Federations out of 101 attended the FIM General Assembly on Tuesday at the Venetian Hotel in Macau, China. Ippolito will be serving his second-term of four years as president.

The man of Venezuela won by 55 to 41 votes over his opponent, Mr. Jean-Pierre Mougin.

Vito Ippolito says: "I am very pleased with this victory which is more a collective victory of the Federations and the people who have worked hard on the elaboration of the strategic plan and the new governance for the last four years. It is a collective work conducted with transparency and high motivation. We will continue to build altogether the FIM destiny."

The FIM is the governing body of motorcycle racing, and covers five disciplines that encompass 34 world championships: road racing, motocross, trials, enduro and track racing. it governs some of the largest motorcycle racing categories in the world, including MotoGP, World Superbike and World Motocross.

Vito Ippolito: Quick Facts

  • Vito Ippolito is Venezuelan, born Feb. 3, 1952, married with three children.
  • President of the FMV (Venezuelan Federation) since 1992. Member of the FIM Road Racing Commission from 1984 until 1990.
  • FIM Vice-President from 1990 to 1996.
  • FIM Deputy President since 1997.
  • President of the ULM (Union Latino-Americana de Motociclismo) from 1984 until 1998.
  • Manager of the team Venemotos whose rider Carlos Lavado became 250 Grand Prix World Champion
  • in 1983 and 1986.
  • FIM President since 2006.
  • Vito Ippolito is the first non-European elected President of the FIM since its foundation in 1904.


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