Spain TTXGP: Champion to be Crowned


The new generation of racing motorcycling is on track to assign the debut World Champion TTXGP 2010. After racing in America, UK and Europe the best teams of TTXGP are ready for the first world championship of the TTXGP motorcycle racing series. The eCRP 1.2 will be ready to compete at Albacete in Spain Oct. 23 and 24..

The CRP Racing team and with rider Alessandro Brannetti will have the task to represent Italy with the goal of bringing the Italian flag to the TTXGP podium. The team is working hard to repeat their victories at Assen and Brands Hatch, where they secured the European title.

CRP Racing entered the TTXGP only few months ago, creating the eCRP 1.2, and testing the new motorcycle within only weeks of the first race. The application of their racing knowledge helped them win the title of TTXGP EU 2010 Champions on October the 3rd.

Alessandro Brannetti authored an amazing motorcycle performance. His heart and mind were focused on the task. The eCRP 1.2, the 100-percent electric racing motorcycle, showed its performance potential and highlighted the motorsport expertise of the CRP Racing team.

The Russian team SMP Racing will be joining CRP Racing on the track, running an eCRP 1.2 with the young rider Ivanov Alexey putting the Italian electric motorbike to the test.

The attention is now focused on the circuit of Albacete. The excitement of the competition and anticipation of the crowning of the first TTXGP World Champion will insure a charged atmosphere. The grid will be filled with the pioneers of this new Green motorcycle racing, and all will be helping to write a new chapter in Motorsports.


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