LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber Off-Road Kits

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LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber was released earlier this year and to date has earned positive results with both strong sales and glowing reviews. The carbon fiber components were designed to replace stock OEM plastic components, such as chain guides, disc guards, and sprocket covers.

LeoVince carbon fiber knowledge and technology came about by the fact that the LeoVince factory has always been committed to using as few suppliers as possible, and in turn building everything in-house.

LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber is a direct result of this ‘everything in-house’ philosophy of the Monticello D’Alba Factory, and the benefits for LeoVince customers are concrete. The carbon fit is precise, the durability is strong, and the price is very affordable due to this product being an off-shoot of years of carbon development for the LeoVince X3 Exhaust range.

Transworld Motocross has already given the LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber Accessories a 10/10 in a recent review. On the heels of such praise, and with the 2011 Supercross season quickly coming, LeoVince USA has created complete X3 Carbon Fiber Kits for all available models.

The LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber kits will be bike specific and include every available accessory for the customer’s model. Total pieces in each kit range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 9 pieces. Kit pricing is 15-percent less than the total retail price for all parts included, with MSRP ranging from $134.99 to $539.99

LeoVince USA is currently accepting applications and rider resumes for the 2011 Supercross and Motocross seasons. If you would like to be considered for rider support and race discounts please contact Ted Campbell at 510-232-4040 or ted@leovinceusa.com

For more information on LeoVince X3 Carbon or other LeoVince products, contact LeoVince USA at 510-232-4040 or visit us on the web at leovinceusa.com.


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